Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E-550
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Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E-550

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  • Pure Class A
  • Continuous average output power: 60 W/ch (4 ohms)
  • large 430 VA toroidal transformer
  • Includes Remote Control

Near Mint condition, just one scratch to be found on the side of the amp and otherwise pristene, original manual, remote, power cord and box included. Perfect working condition. This was owned by an 83 year old gentlemen that kept great care of it.

The first integrated pure class A amplifier from Accuphase. The E-550 now takes over as a further improved and fully redesigned successor model. It stands at the pinnacle of integrated amplifiers, featuring latest technology and strictly selected high-quality parts. For the first time in an integrated amplifier, it offers the revolutionary AAVA type volume control. Circuit design and parts integration have been enhanced to provide the same outstanding AAVA performance even at higher component density. The power amplifier section employs power MOS-FET devices renowned for their musicality, arranged in a triple parallel push-pull configuration and driven in pure class A. Low output impedance and constant voltage drive ensure superb speaker control. The large 430 VA toroidal transformer in the power supply supports linear progression output of 120 watts into 2 ohms, 60 watts into 4 ohms, or 30 watts into 8 ohms.

GUARANTEED SPECIFICATIONSContinuous average output power: 120 W/ch (2 ohms), 60 W/ch (4 ohms), 30 W/ch (2 ohms)  Frequency response (1 W output): 2 Hz - 150 kHz +0 3.0 dB  Damping factor: 140 (EIA 50 Hz)  Input sensitivity: 0.05 mV (DISC MC), 0.98 mV (DISC MM), 77.7 mV (HIGH LEVEL), 0.617 V (POWER IN)  S/N ratio: 120 dB (POWER IN), 98 dB (HIGH LEVEL)

MAIN FEATURES  Recorder switch  Tape copy switch  Tone controls  Loudness compensator  Speaker selector  Meter operation/illumination switch  EXT PRE switch  Balanced inputs  Two sets of speaker outputs  Supplied remote commander  Max dimensions: 465 (W) x 196 (H) x 427 (D) mm (18-5/16 x 7- 11/16 x 16-13/16)  Mass: 23.9 kg